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Chonon was a planet, an uninhabited class M world in the Chonon star system of Trexelian Sector 001. This world was the site of artifacts, presumably of Progenitor or Qalari origin. (ST video game: Trexels missions: "Retrieve Alien Artifacts", "The Infection Artifice")


On stardate 7###.8 (circa 2270), the Federation Starfleet starship USS Trexelprise visited Chonon and investigated the artifacts on the surface. The first step was to send a science officer to retrieve the alien artefacts. (ST video game: Trexels mission: "Retrieve Alien Artifacts")

The artifacts dissipated upon beaming aboard. The first officer thought the science officer had kept them as souvenirs but failed to uncover a trace of them in the officer's crew quarter.

Members of the crew then became afflicted with the Grey Death. The chief medical officer and an assistant were able to contain the outbreak and heal the stricken officers. The source of the disease was identified as the artifacts on the surface, which turned out to be bio-weapons.

An away team found a power source under the surface, and a group of dead Qalari, who had studied Chonon's booby-traps closely. The away team was unable to determine whether the Qalari were the victims of their own creation, tried to acquire an alien weapon, or simply to disable the artifacts.

The artifacts were destroyed when the Trexelprise fired concentrated phaser bursts from low orbitat each site, coordinated by the first officer. (ST video game: Trexels mission: "The Infection Artifice")

With the danger of Chonon eliminated but the mystery unresolved, the Trexelprise moved on to the Murobis system. (ST video game: Trexels mission: "Sector 01: Explore the Earth-like planet")



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