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Starfleet Academy finale.

Marvel Comics Starfleet Academy, Issue 1.

Christian Cooper (credited as Chris Cooper) is a comic book author and editor who worked for Marvel Comics in the 1990s, during the era of the Paramount Comics line of Star Trek titles.[1]


Chris Cooper wrote all 19 issues of Marvel's Star Trek: Starfleet Academy series in the years 1996-1998, as well as Reality's End, the conclusion of Marvel's Telepathy War crossover. Cooper wrote and edited a number of other Marvel universe titles in the 1990s.

Cooper's run on Starfleet Academy notably featured depiction of Star Trek characters in a gay relationship, a milestone of sexuality in the Star Trek franchise. Cooper's original drafts had lead character Matthew Decker as a gay character, but Paramount's licensing office felt this was too drastic. Instead of using a series regular, Yoshi Mishima was introduced as a prominent gay recurring character. When the studio ordered that the comic could not show a gay kiss, Cooper and the editorial staff followed along, but decided that there would be no kissing at all depicted in the title.

Because of the somewhat abrupt cancellation of the Marvel Star Trek group of series, several story threads from Starfleet Academy were left unfinished, notably the introduction of the Viators as the book's primary villain.

In 2020, Cooper was in the media spotlight after capturing video of racially charged encounter at Central Park in New York. Cooper, an avid bird-watcher, encountered a woman's dog unleashed in a part of the park set aside for bird-watching. After reminding the woman of the leash laws, she called 911 on him and made a false accusation that he had threatened her.

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