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Chris Dows is a comic book writer who has worked on several Star Trek comics, including: Several Star Trek: Deep Space Nine comics co-written with Colin Clayton and published by Malibu Comics; a Star Trek: The Original Series manga story published by TokyoPop; and articles for the Star Trek Magazine.

Star Trek credits


Title Notes Published Cover
Program 359 Co-written with Colin Clayton.
Published in Malibu DS9, Issue 6.
Reprinted in the omnibus Emancipation and Beyond in 1994.
Re-released on the DVD The Complete Comic Book Collection in 2008.
January 1994 Malibu6.jpg
Genesis Denied, Part I and Part II Co-written with Colin Clayton.
Two-part story published in Malibu DS9, Issue 26 and Issue 27.
Re-released on the DVD The Complete Comic Book Collection in 2008.
July-August 1995 Malibu DS9 26.jpgMalibu DS9 27.jpg
Turn of the Tide Co-written with Colin Clayton.
Issue 32 in Malibu's DS9 monthly series.
Re-released on the DVD The Complete Comic Book Collection in 2008.
December 1995 Malibu32.jpg
Side Effects Printed in Shinsei Shinsei.
Reprinted in Star Trek: The Manga - Ultimate Edition in 2009.
August 2006 Star Trek The Manga.jpg

Star Trek Magazine articles

Issue number Article title Summary
#128 Tomorrow is Yesterday A history of the development of Tokyopop's Star Trek manga, and a summary of the first book in the series, Shinsei Shinsei.
#138 Past Imperfect? An analysis of the technology designs seen in Star Trek: Enterprise.

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