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This page details Christine Chapel in the primary universe; for Christine Chapel in the mirror universe see Christine Chapel (mirror); for the Christine Chapel in the Kelvin timeline created by Nero's temporal incursion see Christine Chapel (Kelvin timeline).

Christine Chapel was a human Starfleet officer during the late 23rd and early 24th centuries. She started her career as a researcher before moving into nursing, then later earning her doctorate. Her ancestry was mixed and included Swedish and Cherokee roots. (TOS comic: "Who's Who in Star Trek, Issue 1")


Early life and career[]

Christine Chapel was born in Cleveland, Ohio in the United States of America, on Earth circa 2237. At the age of 15, she became interested in the problems surrounding her Native American ancestors. Christine thought about studying the law but gave in to her interest in medicine and biochemistry. (ST video game: Starship Creator; TOS comic: "Who's Who in Star Trek, Issue 1")

Thus she decided to study at Starfleet Academy where it offered the most varied courses and the best teachers. During that time, Christine studied the idea of specializing in the regeneration of humanoid limbs. However she became more interested in psychotherapy and working closely with traumatized patients. One of the courses that she took was taught by Phlox. (TOS comic: "Who's Who in Star Trek, Issue 1", ST comic: "Flesh and Stone")

Chapel & Phlox

Chapel & Director Phlox in 2255.

In 2255, she worked at the Stanford Morehouse in Atlanta as part of Project Chimera under Phlox. During her time there, she became friends with Ensign Roz Lozana. (SNW - Celebrations comic: "Facemaker")


Chapel in 2259.

In 2259, Chapel was part of civilian exchange between Stanford Morehouse Epigenetic Project and Starfleet. She joined the crew of the USS Enterprise under Captain Christopher Pike. (SNW episode: "Strange New Worlds")

In her early career, Christine worked alongside of her Medical college's guest lecturer, Professor Roger Korby on scientific expeditions. In 2259, she served as Korby's assistant on an expedition to Vestalan, to study the long-dead civilization of the Hualans. (TOS - The New Voyages 2 short story: "Snake Pit!"; TOS comic: "Who's Who in Star Trek, Issue 1")

As Chapel and Korby worked more closely together, a romance bloomed and the two were engaged to be married. By 2261, the two had not married, and Korby left on an expedition to the planet Exo III, with long-time friend and colleague, Dr. Aaron Brown. A few months later, with no contact from Korby's expedition, the Federation declared him missing, presumed dead. Chapel could not accept that her fiancé was dead, so she gave up her career as a researcher and signed up to work as a nurse for Starfleet. (TOS - Star Trek 11 novelization: What Are Little Girls Made Of?)

By 2264, Lieutenant Chapel was serving as Head Nurse at the Starfleet Teaching Hospital along with Dr. Leonard McCoy. During her time, she treated Captain James T. Kirk and Lieutenant Commander Gary Mitchell following the Battle of Ghioghe. Following this, at the request of both Dr. McCoy and Captain Kirk, Chapel signed aboard the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701). (TOS novel: Enterprise: The First Adventure) states that Chapel become a brevet ensign signing aboard the Enterprise as a nurse in 2266.

Aboard the Enterprise (NCC-1701)[]

In 2265, Chapel attended Lieutenant Lee Kelso's memorial service which was held in the ship's chapel. (TOS - My Brother's Keeper novel: Constitution)

In 2266, the Enterprise finally visited Exo III to determine what had happened to Korby's expedition. On arrival in orbit, the Enterprise was contacted by Korby and Kirk and Chapel transported down. It was later revealed that Korby had died shortly after discovering an android called Ruk. Before his death Korby had an android duplicate of himself created. (TOS episode & novelization: What Are Little Girls Made Of?, (TOS - Errand of Vengeance novel: The Edge of the Sword)

Chapel was promoted to Head Nurse aboard the Enterprise in 2267. (ST website:

In 2268, Doctor McCoy informed Nurse Chapel that she had lost some weight after he was finished performing routine physicals on the crew. Chapel was delighted as she had been eating a lot of salads in an effort to do so. (TOS - Star Trek: Section 31 novel: Cloak)

In 2270, Chapel decided to train for her doctorate, and upon the Enterprise's return to Earth, entered Starfleet Medical Academy to major in xenophysiology. (TOS novel: The Lost Years)

Doctor Chapel[]

Chapel served as a doctor aboard the USS Yorktown under Admiral Number One. (TOS - Leonard McCoy, Frontier Doctor comic: "Hosts")

She was then made the Enterprise's CMO under Will Decker in 2271 after finishing her doctorate. (ST website:

Chapel Echoes4

Doctor Christine Chapel in 2273.

Christine Chapel served as a doctor on the medical staff of the Enterprise following its retrofit, relinquishing the CMO position to Leonard McCoy for the V'Ger mission. (TOS movie: Star Trek: The Motion Picture; TOS novel: Ex Machina, ST website: She had an awkward moment with unrequited crush Spock in one of the Enterprise's turbolifts after the V'Ger incident; he had congratulated her on her doctorate. (ST comic: "Spock: Reflections, Issue 2")

After the Enterprise's return to Earth, Chapel was assigned to Starfleet Medical on Earth. She was the doctor on call during initial tests of the transwarp engines, and was the first doctor to examine pilot Torias Dax following a shuttle disaster. However, care of the Trill was quickly turned over to a Trill doctor. DS9 - The Lives of Dax short story: "Infinity")

In the early 2280s, Doctor Chapel would serve as an assistant to Chief Medical Officer Leonard McCoy when the Enterprise set out on missions as a training vessel for cadets at Starfleet Academy. Chapel and McCoy were among the small number of senior staff on that vessel on some occasions when the cadet missions went awry, including the disastrous final training cruise when the Enterprise lost many lives, including Captain Spock. After Spock's memorial services, Chapel was the first to notice aberrant behavior in Dr. McCoy, who made a public spectacle by climbing onto a table at Spock's wake. While McCoy remained disoriented and blaming his behavior on alcohol, Chapel found that there wasn't enough alcohol in McCoy's system to explain the odd behavior. While Chapel cared for the elder Doctor, she was shocked at some of his comments, which sounded like they were said in the voice of the late Spock, including a moment when McCoy snapped awake out of a deep sleep and proclaimed that "Vulcans do not love", echoing something that Spock had said to Chapel years earlier. (TOS novelization: The Search for Spock)

Chapel eventually spoke with Sarek about speaking on behalf of Kirk and his cohorts during the Federation Council inquiry into their actions surrounding Spock's katra and the Genesis Device. (ST website:

In 2289, Doctor Chapel was a member of Ambassador Sarek's diplomatic team. (TLE novel: Excelsior: Forged in Fire)

In 2293, Chapel attended James T. Kirk's memorial service in the grounds of Starfleet Academy, along with many other former Enterprise crewmembers. (TOS - Crucible novel: The Fire and the Rose)

In 2298, Dr. Chapel, holding the rank of Commander, served as chief medical officer on the USS Excelsior. (TLE novel: The Sundered)

She remained on board until the ship's destruction in 2308. (TLE novel: One Constant Star)

Later life[]

She was "long gone" before the 2370s, according to Montgomery Scott. In 2376, Scott recognized Morgan Primus as appearing similar to Chapel, but was mistaken. (NF - Excalibur novel: Renaissance)



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