Master Chief Petty Officer Christine Rideout was a Human female serving in Starfleet in the 23rd century.


Rideout served as the chief engineer of the ill-fated USS Huang Zhong in the 2260s. She was one of the ship's three survivors, along with science officer Lieutenant Samuel Boma and Ensign Suresh Kari. (TOS novel: That Which Divides)

Late in the year 2269, Master Chief Rideout transferred to the USS Endeavour, where she served as a senior enlisted engineer - a transfer that some, including Captain Atish Khatami, saw as a sideways step in her career after previously serving as Chief Engineer.

Master Chief Rideout is descended from a long line of Starfleet enlisted personnel, and more than one of her commanding officers attempted to convince her to apply for a commission. (Seekers novel: All That's Left)

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