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Christopher L. Bennett is the author of several stories in the Star Trek universe.

Bennett is one of several authors who have produced annotations for their published works.

Star Trek bibliography

title series format published cover
Aftermath Starfleet Corps of Engineers eBook novella (reprinted in Aftermath) July 2003 Cover image.
Prophecy and Change: "... Loved I Not Honor More" Deep Space Nine short story September 2003 Cover image.
Ex Machina The Original Series novel January 2005 Cover image.
Distant Shores: "Brief Candle" Voyager short story November 2005 Cover image.
Orion's Hounds Titan novel January 2006 Cover image.
Constellations: "As Others See Us" The Original Series short story September 2006 Cover image.
Mere Anarchy, #4: "The Darkness Drops Again" The Original Series eBook novella (reprinted in Mere Anarchy) February 2007 Cover image.
The Lost Era: The Buried Age The Next Generation novel July 2007 Cover image.
The Sky's the Limit: "Friends With the Sparrows" The Next Generation short story October 2007 Cover image.
Myriad Universes: Infinity's Prism: "Places of Exile" Voyager short novel July 2008 Cover image.
Greater Than the Sum The Next Generation novel August 2008 Cover image.
Mirror Universe: Shards and Shadows: "Empathy" Titan short story January 2009 Cover image.
Over a Torrent Sea Titan novel March 2009 Cover image.
Watching the Clock Department of Temporal Investigations novel May 2011 Cover image.
The Struggle Within Typhon Pact eBook October 2011 Cover image.
Forgotten History Department of Temporal Investigations novel April 2012 Cover image.
Rise of the Federation: A Choice of Futures Enterprise novel June 2013 Cover image.
Rise of the Federation: Tower of Babel Enterprise novel March 2014 Cover image.
The Collectors Department of Temporal Investigations eBook December 2014 Cover image.
Rise of the Federation: Uncertain Logic Enterprise novel March 2015 Cover image.
Rise of the Federation: Live by the Code Enterprise novel March 2016 Livebythecodecovr.jpg
Time Lock Department of Temporal Investigations eBook September 2016 Time Lock.jpg
The Face of the Unknown The Original Series novel December 2016 Star Trek Face Unknown.jpg
Shield of the Gods Department of Temporal Investigations eBook June 2017 Shield of the Gods.jpg
Patterns of Interference Enterprise novel August 2017 PatternsofInterferenceCvr.jpg
The Captain's Oath The Original Series novel May 2019 CaptOath.jpg
The Higher Frontier The Original Series novel March 2020 St higher frontier cover.jpg
Living Memory The Original Series novel June 2021 Living Memory cover.jpg
Seek a Newer World The Original Series novel on hold Seek a Newer World soliciation cover.jpg


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