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A Circle (or clan) are considered family in the Tarn society. Similar to Klingon Houses.

Some circles are considered Royal lines. A royal circle can obtain the position of First Circle (ruling family) in the Tarn Empire. The First Circle rules alongside the Council of Circles. In 2367 the Karuuki circle currently holds the position of First Circle. At the end of the Federation-Tarn War, the First Circle that negotiated the cease-fire fell out of power.

The Kala circle is another royal line. They are rivals of the Karuuki circle. The Kala circle was willing to make alliances with powers opposed to the Federation.

Members of the Katula circle served as members of the Tarn Imperial Fleet vessel Rashasa.

Different levels of circles would observe various greeting traditions in the Tarn society. A circle would also have symbols that could be tattooed on a Tarn's forehead or added to a sash.

A circle can adopt another Tarn as a member by wiping the blood of a circle member on the forehead of the adoptee. That person would then share their blood in the same manner with a clan member.

When a circle is defeated it is without honor until it has fought to redeem itself. If a circle is defeated again, it is cast out forever. This is similar to in some ways to the traditions of the Klingon honor code. The outcasts are called the obduli in the Tarn language. They become outcasts for bringing shame on their race and are no longer considered Tarn. A member of a broken circle cannot allow his shadow to touch a Tarn and may beg for forgiveness from the hell of forgotten names. However a Tarn from an un-broken circle cannot talk with a member of a broken circle without a ceremonial kill with a Tarn Ceremonial Dagger.