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A civilian was a non-military and usually non-combatant member of a society. It was the duty of a society's armed forces to protect civilians from threats. (STO - Cloaked Intentions mission: "Frozen")


In the year 2409, Tal Shiar officer Janek confronted her superior, Colonel Hakeev, about attacking and killing Reman civilians. Janek accused that this would provoke the Romulan Star Empire's enemies, rather than subdue them. (STO - Romulan Mystery mission: "Mine Enemy")

Soon after, the Tal Shiar attacked the base of the Reman Resistance on Dera IV. Commander Rashna informed resistance leader Obisek about incoming Tal Shiar transporter signatures in the command center. Obisek ordered Rashna to get the civilians out. STO - Romulan Mystery mission: "Frozen")

Civilian 2399 was the name of an outfit in 2411, consisting of a jacket worn over a sweater, trousers, and boots. In that year, this outfit was worn by Fenris Ranger Seven of Nine. (STO - Legacy mission: "The Measure of Morality (Part 1)")

In the 29th century, Lieutenant Commander Juel Ducane of Starfleet's Temporal Integrity Commission vowed not to let temporal protection fall under the aegis of a civilian authority again, knowing that the non-Starfleet government department of the Federation Temporal Agency would enforce temporal protection in his future. (DTI novel: Watching the Clock)

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