Claire Thorn was a Human female in the 23rd century.

Sometime prior to 2254 Thorn had served in Starfleet as a science officer. Her ship was destroyed in a battle with the Chakuun and she decided to leave Starfleet and take on a simpler, less troubled, life on the agrarian planet Prairie.

Claire settled on the harvester rig Rostok and became a prominent figure amongst its crew, putting the past behind her as much as she could but holding some resentment towards Starfleet and the Federation.

In 2254 the shuttlecraft Icarus, piloted by Christopher Pike, crashlanded on Prairie. Thorn quickly took a skimmer to rescue Pike from the burning wreckage and brought him back to the Rostok. Once Pike regained consciousness Thorn was initially somewhat adversarial towards him, angry at her own past in Starfleet. However she soon slipped back into Starfleet mode when Pike’s Klingon pursuers threatened Pike, the harvester and their crops. She tried to help Pike, but was knocked unconscious by a Klingon before she could do a great deal herself.

Once the USS Enterprise arrived to rescue to Pike Thorn was taken aboard and given care in the sickbay, she left Prairie on the vessel, hoping to be allowed to re-enter service in Starfleet having rested her painful memories. (EV comic: "The Flat, Gold Forever")

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