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Commander Clarissa Glenn was a 24th century Human woman who served Starfleet as the commanding officer of the Federation starship USS Galen. She was an intelligent, articulate, and eminently professional officer. She was young and quite attractive, a few inches taller than the Doctor and in excellent physical condition. Her hair was long and reddish blonde, usually kept neatly braided when on duty. Her eyes were an unusual shade of light green. Reginald Barclay developed a crush on her shortly after being assigned to the Galen. (VOY novel: Unworthy)

Born in 2348, Commander Glenn was a year and some months older than Lieutenant Harry Kim of the USS Voyager. When she read his service record during his temporary detachment to her command, Glenn noted in the seven years that he was an Ensign aboard Voyager, she had completed both medical school and command training which put her on the short list to command the Galen. (VOY novel: To Lose the Earth)

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