Clauda in 2410

Clauda was a female Tuterian working for the Krenim Imperium in the early 25th century. She was married with Krenim research scientist Noye. During the Iconian War, Clauda helped her husband develop better ways to preserve data during a temporal incursion, as the Krenim were working with the Alpha Quadrant Alliance to recreate the Temporal weapon ship originally designed by Annorax, with which they intended to eliminate the Iconian threat. Clauda was on board the temporal weapon ship with Noye and Nog when the AQA tried to delay the Iconian War by preventing the rediscovery of Iconia. To everyone's horror, the incursion created a timeline in which Romulus was assimilated by the Borg. The group tried to correct the timeline by targeting the Borg Transwarp aperture, which seemed to restore the timeline, but in this timeline, the Tuterians were not present. Clauda stoically downloaded all of her research and personal logs into the temporally shielded core and told Noye she loved him before the timeline reset and everyone forgot her. (STO mission: "Butterfly")

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