Claudia Alisov was a female Human living in the 23rd and 24th centuries. She had curly red-brown hair and cherubic features.


Alisov, as a lieutenant commander, served as chief engineer aboard the Soyuz-class USS Bozeman in the year 2278 before it was lost in the Typhon Expanse.

In 2368, after spending 89 years, eight months and 23 days of objective time caught in a temporal causality loop along with her ship and crew, Alisov and her crewmates were debriefed by Department of Temporal Investigations agents, Gariff Lucsly and Marion Dulmur.

By 2372, Alisov had been promoted to commander and was first officer aboard the refitted Bozeman, still under the command of Captain Morgan Bateson and attached to the Department of Temporal Investigations for missions requiring Starfleet support.

Later that year, Alisov transferred to the Bozeman-A with Captain Bateson. She continued to serve as first officer until Bateson assumed command of the USS Atlas, whereby Alisov was promoted to captain of the Bozeman.

In 2381, Captain Alisov commanded the Nova-class USS Everett, also attached to the DTI. (DTI novel: Watching the Clock)



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