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Claudius Ptolemaeus, known in English as Ptolemy, was a Roman mathematician, astronomer, geographer and astrologer who lived in Egypt on Earth during the 2nd century. As an astronomer, Ptolemy derived precise geometric models for calculating celestial movements, presented in convenient tables used to calculate prior or future positions of planets based on a geocentric universe model (the Earth is the center, and all others orbit it, including the sun). The text became the authoritative book on astronomy in the early ages.

Former Earth Starfleet Captain Erika Hernandez was on the Caeliar planet Erigol when its great cataclysm occurred, destroying their system and forcing the evacuation of Axion and several other of their city-ships. After Axion settled on what would later be called New Erigol, the Caeliar began the process of hiding the planet and harnessing the star in order to provide isolation for their Great Work. Because of the shell-like encasement of the planet would block the sun, an artificial solar generator was installed to rotate around the interior, providing natural-feeling lighting and beneficial radiation. Hernandez found the thought of being sealed in distasteful and suggested their efforts were very Ptolemaic in nature. (ST - Destiny novel: Mere Mortals)

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