Cleante al-Faisal was a female Human in the 23rd century, the daughter of Jasmine al-Faisal.

In 2281, al-Faisal served as a Warrantor of Peace for her mother. While on Vulcan in this capacity, she befriended fellow Warrantor T'Shael, who taught her about Vulcan. The pair were abducted, along with several other Warrantors, by Romulans and then handed over to the Klingons while negotiations were made for their return to the Federation.

While in captivity, al-Faisal witnessed the deaths of her fellow Warrantors except for T'Shael. Once they were the only two left, T'Shael negotiated with Kalor, the only remaining jailor, and agreed to participate in his experiments to keep al-Faisal safe. As these experiments harmed T'Shael, al-Faisal negotiated with Kalor and offered him sex to protect her Vulcan friend. T'Shael soon discovered the agreement and fled the prison camp to try to protect al-Faisal, but al-Faisal went to have sex with Kalor anyway. Liviana Charvanek discovered Kalor having sex with al-Faisal and killed Kalor. The two then rescued T'Shael who had been pinned by debris from an earthquake.

Charvanek then left the planet and T'Shael and al-Faisal were then rescued by James Kirk and Spock and taken to the USS Enterprise. Aboard ship, al-Faisal made amends with her mother and asked T'Shael to accompany her to Earth. (TOS novel: Dwellers in the Crucible)

As of 2284, she lived on Earth with T'Shael. That year, she convinced Admiral James T. Kirk to read the book Strangers from the Sky, which included a reference to an ancestor of hers, Mahmoud Gamal al-Parneb Nezaj. (TOS novel: Strangers from the Sky)

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