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Cleveland Booker, born Tareckx, was a Kwejian man in the 32nd century.


Booker was born as Tareckx on Kwejian in the 32nd century following The Burn. When the Sea locusts came out of the sea and ate Kwejian's harvest, his people were forced to ask for help from the Emerald Chain. They were able to provide a pesticide to push the locusts back to the sea in exchange for Kwejian tranceworms. When Booker's father, grandfather and his adopted brother Kyheem began working for the Emerald Chain by hunting tranceworms, Booker left around 3174. Booker did not speak to his family for 15 years. (DSC episodes: "That Hope Is You, Part 1", "The Sanctuary", "Stormy Weather"; ST reference: The Star Trek Book)

Booker and Burnham on Hima, 3188

Booker met a man known as Cleveland Booker and became his mentee. Eventually, he would take his mentor's name as his own. He eventually became a courier and joined the Courier Network. He also had a pet cat named Grudge that he kept aboard his ship. In the 3188, Booker stole Molly the Tranceworm from fellow courier Cosmo Traitt on Hima. During his escape, Booker's ship was hit by temporal-displaced Starfleet officer Michael Burnham in her Red Angel suit from 2258.

After his ship crashed, he confronted Burnham and believed she wanted his cargo. The two briefly fought until they stopped. Booker allowed her aboard his ship and agreed to help in exchange for some of her "vintage" gear to trade at Requiem's Mercantile Exchange for dilithium. En route to the exchange, Booker told Burnham about The Burn and the Federation's collapse. Upon their arrival at the exchange, Booker got Burnham locked in a stasis beam, tooker all her gear and left her with Ithyk's Regulators. Unfortunately, the orions were not interested in the gear and Booker was held at gunpoint by Traitt. He was also confronted by Ithor, Ithyk's regulators and Burnham, who punched him. Despite the situation, Booker were able to get dilithium and escaped by beaming to several locations.

Booker and Burnham were able to return to his ship, but were confronted by Traitt, Ithor and Ithyk's regulators. After Traitt was killed, Ithor demanded Booker's cargo. Booker complied, but he allowed Molly to eat Ithor, Ithyk and a couple of their regulators. He then saved Burnham from being eaten by Molly. As they left Hima, Booker told Burnham how he had been rescuing tranceworms in accordance to the Federation's Endangered Species Act. He took Burnham and Molly to Sanctuary Four. where Molly was released in time for her species breeding cycle. Booker then took Burnham to Spaceport Devaloka, which was once a Federation relay station. There, they met with Federation liaison, Aditya Sahil, who agreed to help search for both the Federation and Discovery.(DSC episodes: "That Hope Is You, Part 1", "That Hope Is You, Part 2")

Booker helped Burnham in becoming a courier and helped her acquire a Nirvana-class flyer, Alice. During this time, she and booker stole a dilithium shipment from the White Palm cartel. Booker and Burnham were able to hire a fleet to help them break the White Palm's blockade of Atalis IV. Later, Booker and Burnham answer a Federation signal from Ikasu. They were forced to take Zuka Baleso and her daughter Binye to Sanctuary Four. Booker later showed Burnham Donatu VII, where the families of couriers lived.

Booker and Burnham defended the world when White Palm attacked using several transwarp tunnels. The two of them were able to collapse the tunnel. Booker later helped defend Devaloka with Burnham by bringing in a fleet of courier ships to assist. Following this, Booker and Burnham receive word from Sahil that Discovery has been found at The Colony.(DSC novel: Wonderlands; DSC episode: "People of Earth")

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