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Nikolai Rozhenko wearing a cloak in 2369.

A cloak was a type of garment that was attached at the neck or over the shoulder and would have various lengths down the back. It could have an attached hood that could be used to obscure the face of the wearer. A cloak was commonly used to protect the wearer from the weather and could be made out of various types of cloth.

In the year 1867, Lottie Hatfield used an oilskin cloak to protect her from the Seattle rain. The girls at Hatfield's saloon often left their cloaks at the end of the bar. Ishmael's black cloak was also made from oilskin. (TOS novel: Ishmael)

While wearing wheat-colored cloaks, Bridget McLellan wondered if they were joining Robin Hood's Merry Men. (VAN - Declassified novella: The Stars Look Down)

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