Commander Codobach was a humanoid (see: unnamed races and cultures) night watch Starfleet officer serving aboard the Federation starship USS Enterprise-A. His skin color was green and he had pink eyes. He wore gold (helm or engineering) divisional patches on his Starfleet uniform, and was assigned duty in command of the ship while Captain Kirk was asleep.

Codobach was almost finished with his shift on stardate 8953.7 when the Enterprise-A was hit by an unexpected meteor shower, and the deflector shields failed, for no reason. Captain Kirk rushed to duty early when the problem started, and easily activated the shields and helm controls. Kirk chided Codobach for needing him to come in early.

Codobach was again in command shortly thereafter when Scotty, trying to settle the ship's mechanical problems, shut down all ship's mechanisms in order to use a single working internal combustion motor to attract a gremlin that was responsible for the instrumentation failures. Codobach reported the incident to the Captain after the power was restored, and not before, at Scott's order. (TOS comic: "The Corbomite Effect!")

It was not specified whether Codobach was a full commander or a lieutenant commander, and the artwork did not clearly depict his rank insignia. The comic also did not specify any particular species name for his alien appearance, nor did it reveal whether he was an engineer or a helmsman, or possibly some other specialty in the rest of his duty schedule.


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