Cold Station 12, also known as C-12 was a top secret facility located inside a asteroid in the Beta Quadrant in the 22nd century. It was run by both Denobulans and Earth's Starfleet. (ST references: Star Trek Encyclopedia, Stellar Cartography: The Starfleet Reference Library; ENT episodes: "Cold Station 12", "The Augments")


Around 2130, Doctor Arik Soong was the station's director. Soong then stole 19 Augment embryo from the station. He then spent the next decade raising the embryos as his own children until he was captured. (ENT episode: "Borderland")

In 2154, Doctor Jeremy Lucas had become the station's director. In that same year, Dr. Soong and his augments then returned to the station to reclaim the other 1,800 embryos. Lucas and his staff refused until Lucas's friend and Enterprise (NX-01)'s CMO, Phlox was threatened. After Lucas surrendered the embryos, Soong and his augments then released 300 kilograms of the pathogens stored there. The Enterprise crew was then able isolate the central core. Lucas and his staff then spent the next year decontaminating the station. (ENT episodes: "Cold Station 12", "The Augments")

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