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Collectibles are licensed Star Trek merchandise that, over the years, has included many different types of products. All other Star Trek media covered on this site, such as publications and games, can be considered collectible to the consumer. Besides the various published types of media, collectibles also include figures, replicas and mementos.

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Toys have been produced by a variety of companies, including Kre-O.


From original studio productions of Star Trek, photography was often generated for promotional purposes, including posters and wallpaper files. Much of this material falls into the category of canon, since it represents the original studios' attention to detail, while not actually being seen by all viewers of the movies or television series.

The rights to reprint such photography for collectible purposes falls to many companies, including publishers of licensed material. Many publishers routinely create different size prints for sale at conventions, or alternately they are used in photo magazines. These photos are usually published with credit to the studio and/or the photography service responsible for their dissemination.

Collectible cardsEdit

The various types of collectible card games are covered in Memory Beta's CCG article.

Collector's cards, similar to baseball cards, have been released by a number of Paramount's licensees. Topps issued a set of cards in conjunction with the release of Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

Collector platesEdit


Episode collector's plate.

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