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Log Entries

  • Captain's Log, Supplemental
    The cause of the arsenal's defense shield failure has been found--A technician from Tabuk 4, President Sodridj's homeworld...
    ...This saboteur has admitted to being part of a secret cadre from Tabuk 4, cooperating with the unknown intruders--now finally identified as Maroans--
    --About whom we know almost nothing.
  • Captain's Log, Supplemental
    The Enterprise has reached Epsilon Kitaj. Still unable to establish contact with Dr. McCoy, his medical team, or anyone on the planet...
    ...We seeam to have found the reason why--An energy web surrounding the entire planet.
  • Captain's Log, Stardate 8604.3
    After debriefing McCoy and Wilson, we have strong reason to believe that the Maroan occupiers of Epsilon Kitaj are linked to the trouble in the Tabukan system...
    ...If so the cloaking technology used by these Maroans may have the same imperfections as that of the raiders plaguing the Tabukans...
    ...Playing that hunch, Spock's scanning for telltale radiation footprint detected by
    Excelsior... The hint that would confirm the presence of Maroan ships hiding nearby.
  • Ship's Log, Supplemental
    First officer Spock recording : Intermittent sensor readings have indicated the presence of four cloaked vessels, unidentified but presumably Maroan...
    They have ignored our invitations to de-cloak without hostility.



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