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Colt's Manufacturing Company was a firearms company founded in 1847 on Earth by Samuel Colt. In the 19th century, the company was often associated with images of cowboys and lawmen, and in the 20th century, it produced many of this era's most famous military weapons, including the Model 1911 pistol, the M16 assault rifle, the M203 grenade launcher, and the M4 carbine.

Hikaru Sulu was a collector of these historic weapons, and used them as decoration in his quarters, as well as similar weapons created by Smith & Wesson. In 2290, when energy weapons refused to work in proximity to the Qul Tuq magnetar, he issued these pistols as side arms. When asked who was to thank for the rescue of Kang, Koloth, and Kor, Hikaru Sulu gave credit to Mr. Smith, Mr. Wesson, and Mr. Colt. (TLE novel: Excelsior: Forged in Fire)

Reproductions of six-shooter Colt pistols were issued to guests as dueling weapons in a community of Omne. (TOS novel: The Price of the Phoenix)

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