In an alternate reality, the Coluans were a civilization of sentient humanoid lifeforms, originating on homeworld Colu. In this reality, the Coluans possessed a natural ability of super-powerful intellects.

By this reality's 30th century, the Coluans were allied with the United Planets. Notable Coluans included Querl Dox, who was sponsored into the Legion of Super-Heroes to use his abilities for the good of the galaxy.

In another reality created by a time-distortion, the Coluans were allies of the Imperial Planets, a 23rd century organization with an agenda of galactic oppression and domination. (TOS - Legion of Super-Heroes comic: "Issue 1")

The Legion's universe became crossed with the Star Trek universe due to a time distortion, so it is not clear if there is a Star Trek universe version of the Coluans.

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