The Comet was a Federation type-6 shuttlecraft in service to Starfleet in the late 24th century. In the 2380s, the Comet was assigned to the USS Robinson.

In December 2385, while the Robinson maintained position outside the Larrisint system, Captain Benjamin Sisko piloted the Comet into the system to ferry Odo to the secret location of the Newton Outpost. Once the Comet had reached the designated coordinates provided by the facility's security chief, Lt.Cmdr. Selten, the shuttlecraft was pulled by a tractor beam toward the outpost within the rings of Larrisint IV. Having been denied to leave the outpost hangar and accompany Odo into the facility, Sisko departed in the shuttlecraft returning to the Robinson. (DS9 novel: Sacraments of Fire)


Type-6 shuttlecraft
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