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A comic is an story told by a sequential series of images normally with speech bubbles to allow the characters to talk and to further explain the situations depicted. Comics set with in the realm of the Star Trek franchise have been published since the 1960's

Gold Key Comics

The first comics were published under the Gold Key banner from 1967 until 1979. As no other series existed in that time so all the Gold Key comics are based on the Original Series

Marvel Comics

Marvel were next, they published a small number of comics in the Motion Picture movie era from 1979 until 1982.

DC Comics

DC started to publish star trek comics in 1984, and continued to publish TOS and TNG comics until 1995.

Malibu Comics

In 1993 Malibu acquired the license to publish Deep Space Nine comics.

Marvel Comics

In 1995 Marvel returned, publishing comics from all four of the existing series at the time and starting up two series of there own Starfleet Academy and Early Voyages as well as a number of one-shots.

Wildstorm Comics

In 1999 Wildstorm picked up the license, they published one-shots and mini-series from all the existing series until 2001.

The Future

In 2004 Toykopop announced plans to publish a book of TNG manga, that particular project seems to have disappeared in the etha but they still have plans for TOS manga in 2006 to celebrate the 40th Anniversary. In addition to that in 2006 rumours started to surface that IDW may be in the process of acquiring a licence to publish star trek comics.

Since there original publications many comics have been reprinted in bound collective volumes.

Comics by Series

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