Several log entries were made on the Commander's log for Deep Space 9.

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DS9 episode: "The Search, Part II"

  • Commander's log, supplemental 
    "It's been six days since we were forced to abandon the Defiant during the Jem'Hadar attack. We still don't know what happened to the rest of the crew. Doctor Bashir and I have plotted a course back to the wormhole, but whether our shuttle can get us there is questionable at best. Our engines are failing, our external sensors are barely functioning and life support systems are at twenty percent and dropping."

DS9 episode: "Meridian"

  • Commander's log, stardate 48423.2 
    "Despite the continuing threat posed by the Dominion, I've convinced Starfleet that we must continue our exploration of the Gamma Quadrant."

DS9 episode: "Defiant"

  • Commander's log, stardate 48467.3 
    "Gul Dukat and I have arrived on Cardassia Prime. I am about to do something which goes against twenty years of Starfleet training: help an enemy hunt down one of our own ships."

DS9 episode: "Fascination"

  • Commander's log, supplemental 
    I'm happy to report that Doctor Bashir's diagnosis has been proven correct. My son and all the others affected by Mrs. Troi's condition have made full recoveries."

DS9 episode: "Past Tense, Part I"

  • Commander's log, stardate 48481.2 
    "My senior staff and I have been asked to address the annual Starfleet symposium on the current situation in the Gamma Quadrant. I'm looking forward to the opportunity and to visiting my sister in Portland."

DS9 episode: "Destiny"

  • Commander's log, supplemental 
    "With less than five hours before the comet reaches the wormhole, I've brought the Defiant back to the station and convened a meeting of the entire science team."

DS9 episode: "The Adversary"

  • Commander's log, stardate 48959.1 
    "It is with mixed emotions that I record this, my final commander's log. The last three years have been the most demanding and rewarding of my career. I can only hope that the future will hold even greater challenges."
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