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The compound grenade launcher, circa 2376.

The compound grenade launcher (CGL) was a heavy weapon used by the Federation Starfleet's military forces and hazard teams in the late 24th century, entering service some time before the year 2371.

History and specifications[]

The CGL was a hand-held projectile weapon that fired energy grenades capable of injuring and incapacitating any targets caught within it's area of effect. While the launcher primarily fires time delayed grenades, 'sticky' grenades can also be fired which stick to a floor or wall and detonate once a target passes within range of it.

The enhanced CGL, circa 2380.

By 2380, the CGL was enhanced by Federation engineers. The weapon still featured time delayed grenades released by the primary fire. Furthermore, the grenades from the weapon can be laid so they are only triggered when an enemy target enters their range, or until remotely triggered by the weapon carrier. (VOY video game: Elite Force, TNG video game: Elite Force II)



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