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The Condor-class[1], or Ju'day-class[2][3] was a type of Federation raider in service to the Maquis in the 24th century.

Service history and specifications[]

Federation fighter classes.

These ships were first commissioned in the 2330s decade. In the 2370s, the Maquis were able to acquire a number of Condor-class raiders to aid in their fight against the Cardassian Union in the Demilitarized Zone. (VOY episode: "Repression", CCG set: Energize)

The Condor-class raiders were similar in design to a type of smaller two-man fighters which were also used by the Maquis, but these vessels could accommodate a crew of around twenty. Vessels of this class were armed with phaser banks and photon torpedo launchers, which were invaluable for the Maquis. (VOY episode: "Caretaker")

Known vessels[]

The Val Jean in 2371.


The alternate name for this class, Ju'day-class, comes from material prepared by the art department for the VOY episode: "Repression".