The Confederacy Interstellar Fleet (CIF for short) was the military space service of the Confederacy of the Worlds of the First Quadrant. The CIF was tasked with protecting Confederacy space and the subspace corridors it claimed. Its ranks included members of multiple species of the Confederacy. The majority of CIF officers stemmed from the Djinari and the Leodt. The language spoken throughout the Confederacy and the CIF was Djinari-odt. (VOY novels: Protectors, Acts of Contrition)


Duty uniformEdit

CIF uniforms were ornate in design and insignia. Uniform color denoted specialty and rank. White was the color of the commanding officer, usually a general. Forward bridge officers were clad in shades of blue, tactical officers red, sensor officers green and rear guards wore grey.

Dress uniformEdit

The dress uniform of the CIF consisted of a tailored jacket that reached to the knees and was belted with a sash made from a satin-like fabric. Vivid hues denoted rank and position. The jacket was adorned with metallic insignia, ribbons, knots and epaulets fringed with a golden braid that extended to the elbow. The Starfleet dress uniform of the 2380s was austere compared to its CIF counterpart. (VOY novel: Acts of Contrition)


Rank designations consisted of two letters except for generals. "J" denoted junior officers, "E" was midlevel or executive position. Ranking general was the second highest rank of general.

Known ranksEdit

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