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In an alternate timeline created by Q by changing Earth history in 2024, the Confederation of Earth was an interstellar nation-state, a fascist and authoritarian state dominated by Humans. (PIC episode: "Penance")

System of government

The head of government was the President of the Confederation of Earth. In the 2400s decade, Annika Hansen served as Confederation president.

The government also included magistrates. In 2401, one magistrate was President Hansen's husband. (PIC episode: "Penance")


The Confederation Corps used an army-based rank system. General Jean-Luc Picard was a renowned military leader. The large combadge worn on the black and grey uniforms included horizontal dents indicating rank. (PIC episode: "Penance")

Ships in the Confederation corps were named after notable figures, among other concepts. (PIC episodes: "Penance", "Assimilation")

Their name was prefixed with CSS, and they had NCC registry numbers. The CSS World Razer was known for the conquests achieved by its brave crew. (PIC episode: "Penance")


In the 25th century, the Confederation was embroiled in several wars and rebellions. General Sisko oversaw the Vulcan Front in the Vulcan War. The Romulan Freedom Movement had been fought in the past. The Dominion Alliance was a current enemy. Five species, including Andorians and Vulcans, orchestrated uprisings and a celebratory terrorist act in Okinawa on Earth. (PIC episode: "Penance")


The Confederation of Earth arose from a change in the timeline caused by Q in Los Angeles in the year 2024. By 2401, the Confederation celebrated Eradication Days, where an enemy would be publicly defeated. In that year, the Borg Queen was the last Borg and meant to be executed by General Picard.

However, Q placed the minds of primary universe personnel in several key people, who immediately set upon undoing Q's temporal alteration. (PIC episode: "Penance")

Jean-Luc Picard, Seven of Nine, Cristóbal Rios, Raffaela Musiker, Agnes Jurati and Elnor escaped with the Borg Queen aboard the CSS La Sirena and performed a slingshot maneuver to the 21st century. (PIC episodes: "Penance", "Assimilation")



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