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"Conspiracy" was the 25th episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, in the show's first season, first aired during the week of 9 May 1988. The episode was written by Robert Sabaroff and Tracy Torme and directed by Cliff Bole.



AaronBennett (Ensign)Beverly CrusherDataDiana GiddingsWalker KeelGeordi La ForgeLongoJean-Luc PicardGregory QuinnDexter RemmickWilliam T. RikerRixx (Bolian)SavarTryla ScottDeanna TroiWorfUSS Enterprise-D computerbluegillsspawnmother
Referenced only
Jack CrusherDelaplaneOnna KarapleedeezAnne KeelMelissa KeelMcKinneyRyan SipeSeth GoldbergJimmy ArakakiAndrew ProbertCari Thomas

Starships and vehicles

USS Enterprise-D (Galaxy-class explorer) • USS Horatio (Ambassador-class cruiser) • USS Renegade (New Orleans-class frigate) • USS Thomas Paine (New Orleans-class frigate) • orbital shuttle
Referenced only
USS Albert Einstein (Nebula-class explorer) • USS AleoUSS AtlantisUSS CallistoUSS Copernicus (Oberth-class scout) • USS ConstellationUSS Elmer FuddUSS EndeavourUSS EquiconUSS James Fenimore CooperUSS GanymedeUSS GremlinUSS Heart of GoldUSS John F. KennedyUSS Matte FringeUSS Max PlanckUSS MinnowUSS MustangUSS NightwingUSS Non SequiturUSS Omaha NebraskaUSS Puget SoundUSS Robert Louis StevensonUSS Sherlock HolmesUSS TiconderogaUSS Tranquility BaseUSS TychoUSS UnicornUSS White SandsWanderer-class


Dytallix BEarthStarfleet Headquarters
Referenced only
Gamma Argussector 500Starbase 0834Starbase 4077KlingRomulan Neutral ZoneSarpeidAldeberanAlpha CarinaeAlpha CenturiAlpha MajorisBeta AurigaeBeta GeminorumBeta LyraeBeta NiobeBeta PortalanCapellaDenebEminiarFabrinaGamma TrianguliIngraham BOmega CygniOrionPallas 14PhylosRegulusRigelSiriusSolTalosTau CetiAlfa 177Altair VIAndorArretAriannusBabelBeneciaBerengaria VIICamus IICanopus IIIDaran VGamma Canaris NHolberg 917GJanus VIKzinLactra VIIMakus IIIMarcos XIIMarnak IVMemory AlphaMuddOmega IVOrganiaPollux IVPsi 2000Pyrix VIIRemusRomulusTheta IIIVulcanProcyon AMira AntliaeSector 10Procyon BGamma Argus IIManark IVKaferiaStarbase 45DaranLalande 21185Kandari sectorRoss 154ProcyonBolarus IXAndorian systemPacificaStarbase 12

Races and cultures

Referenced only
Gamma Argus II native

States and organizations

Dytallix Mining CompanyStarfleetUnited Federation of PlanetsStarfleet Inspector General Office
Referenced only
First FederationTholian Assembly

Science and classification

neural parasitevariable star

Communications and language

code 47explored galaxyfirst officer's logfirst officer's log, USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D)

Technology and weapons

mark V personal phaserswimming poolstarship

Ranks and titles

bridge crewcommanding officervice admiralrear admiralone star admiralFederation Starfleet ranks (2350s-2360s)

Other references

swimmingcrime and punishmentmemoryStarfleet ship lossesStarfleet General Orders and Regulations


Altairian Conference
Starfleet conspiracy


Related media

The parasites have had a number of appearances in the DS9 relaunch significantly building on their history and motivations:
Set before Conspiracy establishing the Federation's first contact with the parasites.
The Mission Gamma series sets up a parasite attempt to take over the Bajor Sector.
Unity continues the story begun in Mission Gamma.
The parasitic aliens have also appeared attempting to start a civil war on the planet Onglaatu in Broken Moon.




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