Picard inside the complex

The conspirator's complex was an undesignated facility operated by the operatives of a conspiracy within Starfleet in 2370, it was located either on or in Earth or a near by body.

The facility appeared to be a warehouse-like complex, within which the conspiracy stowed various artefacts and technologies they possessed. Items held within the complex included a Borg drone and alcove, an Iconian gateway, the prototype Xindi superweapon and images of Ferengi and schematics of a Ferengi shuttle originating from the Roswell incident.

The facility also appeared to be used for the construction of the Romulan-Federation-Borg drone ships the conspirators operated. Additional the faculty housed what appeared to be replica of the interior of a Galaxy-class starship, with various systems augmented - additional consoles placed around the warp core for instance.

It was never detailed, but the interiors seen could possibly have been within the drone ship.

In 2370 the command crew of the USS Enterprise-D uncovered the conspiracy and infiltrated the facility, hoping to reveal it's purpose to Starfleet authorities. If they found themselves hindered Captain Picard gave them orders to destroy the facility.

The Enterprise away team found themselves outsmarted by the conspirators; cut off by force fields while navigating the complex, and when they attempted to access computer logs found the systems had been wiped clean. Left answerless the team moved to plan B and began to set charges.

Meanwhile Picard had been transported elsewhere in the facility and was greeted by one of the conspirators. The two men engaged in a brief philosophical debate before the rest of the Enterprise away team arrived to rescue him. Instants later an equal force of conspirators beamed in. In response Picard had Geordi La Forge activate the charges - but they did not detonate, the conspirators had disarmed them. The conspirators then beamed out, leaving Picard empty handed. (TNG comic: "An Inconvenient Truth")

As soon as the conspirators departed Picard contacted the Enterprise to request a beam out. It is not known what became of the facility or any of the artefacts held within it.

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