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Control is a Star Trek: Section 31 novel by author David Mack. The novel is a follow-up to Abyss, A Ceremony of Losses and Disavowed.


No law… no conscience… no mercy. Amoral, shrouded in secrecy, and answering to no one, Section 31 is the mysterious covert operations division of Starfleet, a rogue shadow group pledged to defend the Federation at any cost.
The discovery of a two-hundred-year-old secret gives Doctor Julian Bashir his best chance yet to expose and destroy the illegal spy organization. But his foes won't go down without a fight, and his mission to protect the Federation he loves just end up triggering its destruction. Only one thing is for certain: this time, the price of victory will be paid with Bashir's dearest blood.


Ozla Graniv contacts Bashir and Sarina with a discovery made by two researchers: A 200-year-old computer programme named Uraei which has infected all technology used by the Federation and other races that have shared technology with them, and which carries out continuous surveillance of all private citizens within its reach. Bashir and Sarina quickly connect the programme with Section 31 and Bashir decides to seek out the only person he knows who has a chance of cracking its code: Data.

Data and Lal's first attempt to hack Uraei merely alerts it to their presence and sees the whole group targeted for assassination by Section 31. It also quickly becomes clear that Uraei is not merely a tool used by Section 31 but the controlling force behind them, using the identity of the shadowy Control. Bashir's group take refuge with Garak but it turns out that several former Obsidian Order operatives on his personal staff are now working for Section 31. They attack the group and abduct Sarina, but the others escape.

Data and Lal come up with a plan to use a fake presidential order to delete the original code of Uraei without destroying the technology it has infected. Uraei will then need to reboot itself from either Memory Alpha or Memory Prime, so they must destroy its back-ups at those locations. At the same time, Graniv goes to President zh'Tarash with evidence of Section 31's existence and its two centuries of crimes. Data and Lal defeat Control's android avatar at Memory Prime, while Bashir is attacked by a brainwashed Sarina at Memory Alpha. He manages to delete Uraei but not before it has caused Sarina to commit suicide by stabbing herself. Bashir is left in a catatonic state and is placed in Garak's care. All Section 31 personnel throughout the quadrant are arrested but unknown to anyone, Control has survived the destruction of Uraei in some form, having deduced the Federation will now work better without Section 31 and engineered the whole thing.



Section 31

Caliq AzuraJulian BashirControl (programme)/UraeiSarina DouglasJhun KulkarnoL'HaanLeeOlim ParraKestellenar th'TeshinaalVasily Zeitsev
Referenced only
ColeEthan LockenLuther Sloan

Starfleet personnel

Jonathan ArcherEzri DaxKo Ji-hoonParvati RaoSimon Tarses
Referenced only
Yanos AndimasIlirra DeelSimon DuchampsDwight GillesJennifer GunnelsHelena MaslanyThomas MoselMiles O'BrienJean-Luc PicardRachanee PravatWilliam T. RikerWilliam RossLena ThiamNatasha Yar

Trewlok personnel


Other characters

Surraben AntokSimon BranchBruneauDataFarikErethilisar th'FirronElim GarakGora bim GralOzla GranivLillian HayesAaron IkersonSergei IlyanovichKandawallaBersh chim KarLagan SerraLalLingLoskurLenore McGillNathan SamuelsSanchezKinzel SareShaktiSolkarSovalT'PauKellessar zh’TarashThirishar ch'ThaneFerrinesh ch'TheruToraalNyrok TuranTaro VenekZiya Weng
Referenced only
Koll AzernalB-4Nanietta BaccoBorg QueenCassandraMaria CaycedoLeonardo da VinciClaire IkersonJaresh-InyoGell KamemorFiona KimBrian MacDornanMartokRhea McAdamsJames MoriartyHeinrich NeuhausNelino QuafinaRaEmile PerreauRomNoonien SoongTolian SoranIgor StravinskySurakJuliana TainerUzavehEmil VaslovikVisarisMin Zife

Starships and vehicles

aerial droneArcheusdropshipEnterpriseescape podhovercarKòngzhìmaglev trainUSS Seinetransport podTrewlok (argosy)
Referenced only
USS Aventinecarcommercial aircraftUSS DiscoveryUSS Enterprise-AUSS Enterprise-DUSS Enterprise-EUSS FranklinTellar Cargo 713


Alhaya (Ramad) • Alpha QuadrantAndor (Hiloshaal IslandLa'Vor Sea) • Beta QuadrantCardassia PrimeCarina ArmEarth SpacedockIvory TowerLocal GroupMemory AlphaMemory PrimeMilky WayOrion (Royal Pantages Hotel and Casino) • SaturnSol systemTrill (Kural) • Vulcan
Atlantic OceanDresden (Bautzner Straße) • FranceGermanyIreland (Aran IslandsCill MhuirbhighCill RónáinDun AonghasaInis Mór) • London (Buckingham Palace) • Paris • (Champ de MarsObélisque de LouxorPalais de la ConcordePlace de la ConcordePont de la ConcordeQuai d'OrsayRue Saint-DominiqueTour Eiffel) • San Francisco (Candlestick AuditoriumStarfleet Headquarters) • United States of America
Referenced only
Andor (Lanishul) • Bajor (Elemspur) • Bajoran wormholeBetazedCeresDeep Space 9 (Promenade) • Deneva • Earth (AlabamaAustraliaChartresChinaDenverHindu KushHong KongIrkutskMelbourneMexico CityMontanaMoscowSouth Africa (Cape Town) • Sydney) • EuropaFerenginarGamma QuadrantIzarKuiper BeltLuna (Tycho BaseTycho City) • Mars (Utopia Planitia) • Mirror universeNausicaaRigelRomulusSagittarius Dwarf Elliptical GalaxySalavatSindorinstarbaseTellar (United Earth Embassy on Tellar) • TitanVeridian III • Vulcan (United Earth Embassy on Vulcan)

Races and cultures

AndorianArgelianBajoranBetazoidBolianCardassianCatullanGallamiteHuman (SwedishTerran) • OrionRigelianRomulanTellariteTiburonianTrill (Trill symbiont) • VulcanZakdorn
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AntedeanBorgBreenChangelingDeltanEl-AurianGornGrazerite • Human (Russian) • IotianJem'HadarKinshayaKlingonSelelvianSheliakTalarianTholianTzenkethiXindiZetarian

States and organizations

African FederationAlpha Centauri ConcordiumAndorian EmpireCardassian UnionCoalition of PlanetsConfederacy of VulcanDresden University of TechnologyEarth Security AgencyEuropean UnionFederation News ServiceFederation Security Agency (Protection Detail) • Federation StarfleetPan-Pacific AlliancepoliceSection 31SeekerStarfleet CommandStarfleet IntelligenceUnited EarthUnited Earth ParliamentUnited Earth StarfleetUnited Federation of PlanetsUnited Planets of TellarVulcan Science AcademyWestern Coalition
Referenced only
Bajoran ResistanceBelfer Center for Science and Interstellar AffairsBreen ConfederacyCardassia Traffic CommandConfederated Martian ColoniesDaystrom InstituteDominionFederation CouncilFerengi AllianceFirst FederationFoundersGorn HegemonyHarvard UniversityHoly Order of the KinshayaImperial IntelligenceInterplanetary Futures IndexInterstellar Traffic ControlJudge Advocate GeneralKlingon EmpireKolum resistance cellMartian ParliamentMetron ConsortiumNalori RepublicObsidian OrderOrion SyndicateThe PatriarchyRAND CorporationRaxan FoundationRomulan Star EmpireSheliak CorporateStarfleet Research and DevelopmentTal ShiarTalarian RepublicTerra PrimeTholian AssemblyTyphon PactTzenkethi CoalitionUnited Earth Republic

Ranks and titles

admiraladviseragentanalystart directorattachébartenderburglarcaptainCardassian Ambassador to the United Federation of PlanetsCastellan of the Cardassian UnionChancellor of the Klingon High Councilchief medical officerChief of Starfleet IntelligenceChief of Starfleet OperationsclerkcollaboratorcommanderCommander-in-Chief of the Federation Starfleetcomputer specialistcorporate executiveDirector of the Earth Security AgencydoctoreditorFederation Ambassador to CardassiaFederation Secretary of Military IntelligenceFederation Secretary of the ExteriorFederation Solicitor Generalfield operativefreelancerGrand Nagusintelligence analystinvestigative journalistmanaging editormarksmanmixologistPraetor of the Romulan Star EmpirePresident of the United Federation of PlanetsPresidential Chief of StaffPrime Minister of the Western CoalitionPrime Minister of United Earthprofessorscientistserversocialatorspytailortechnicianwarrant officerwriteryeomanzealot

Science and classification

adrenal glandsadrenalineaerosol dispenserairlockallergyandroidantistellar munitionsantisurveillanceannular confinement beamarcologyartificial gravityartificial intelligenceasteroidatomautomated near-Earth-object interceptorbattery arraybiometricbladder • brain (synaptic network) • carboncarbon dioxidecarbon dioxide scrubbercardiac arrestcarotid arterychameleon circuitchimeriumchronometercircuit designClass MClass Rclaviclecloaking deviceCochrane distortioncommunication networkcommunicationscomputercomputer corecomputer sciencecomputer wormconcussioncortical stimulatorcosmic radiationcredit-chip readercross-species retroviral gene therapydampening fielddata griddata packetdata slatedisruptordistillation tankdragnetduotronicsduraniumeidetic memoryelectromagnetic pulseelectromagnetic spectrumemissionenergy-dampening pulseentertainment nodeenvironmental suitFaraday roomfeedback surgefinancial networkfire-suppression systemfirmwarefood cardfood slotForensic Data Researchfrequencyfuranocoumarinfusion generatorgeneratorgenetic engineeringgenitronic replication protocolgravimetric anomalygravitational forcegravitygravity bootsgravity wellhardwareheads-up displayheat exchangerheat sinkholosuiteholovidhome-management systemhoverchairhydrogen compoundhyposprayiconographyimpulse reactorinertial dampenerinfraredinfrasonic pulseintestineisolinear chipisolinear rodlactic acidleadlegacy codeLife supportlightmagnetic coilmagnetic glovesmathematicsmedical tricordermethanemicroprocessor chipmilicochranemoisture collectormonofilamentmorphogenetic virusmultimillennial orbitmultispectral scannernanitenauseanavcompnight-visionnitrogenocean acidificationODNoptic nerveoptronicspaddparallaxpattern fabricatorpharmaceutical engineeringphaserplanetplanetary utility systemplasmaplasma cannonpoison pill programpollutionpositronic brainpositronic pulsepower gridprobeproprioceptorpulse-shielded transportquantum-entangled communicationsquantum-entangled communications networkquantum resonance frequencyquantum tapquantum transceiverradiationrail gunrecorderregressive proteinreplicatorretinareverse-engineerroutersatellite networkscrambling fieldsedativesensor scramblerserver moduleshieldsignal scramblersiliconsoftwaresoftware engineeringsolar-powerspeakerspectral analysisspeed of lightspinespleenstarstealth suitsternumstomachstun batonsubatomicsubharmonicsubspace communications buoysubspace communications relaysubspace insulator coilsubspace radiosubspace radio telescopesubspace relay platformsubspace signal dampenersurgical technologytachyon fieldtelepathytelomere degradationthrustertorpedotransceiver implanttransparent aluminumtransport-blocking fieldtransportertransporter recall beaconturbolifttype-1 Phasertyvedilolulnaultrasonic pulseultravioletuniversal translatorvideoviruswarp corewarp hopwarp nacellewarp speedwavelengthwhite dwarfzero gravity

Other references

2113212321302143216321642268229323702379238023812200s2340s19th century20th century21st century23rd centuryabacusaikidoair gappingampouleAncient Hebitian languageAndorian fertility crisisAndorian folk melodiesAprilaspasylumauxiliary control centerBajoran folkbalsamicBattle of Cheronbed and breakfastBikram yogablack marketblackmailBorg Invasion of 2381bourbonbriberybullpencafe con lechecandycarbine assault weaponchallenge-and-response handshake protocolchampagnechanchocolatechocolate fountainclassical musiccloakcontractcorncorn tortillacouture shopcreditcurrencydaggerdedication plaquedesign registrydoctoratedogDom Pérignondomestic abuseDominion Wareconomic matrixEgyptian mythologyembezzlementespressoexposéextraditionEye of Raeyeglassesface maskFederation Charter of Rights and FreedomsFederation DayFederation Embassyfeng shuiFirebird Suitefishfood-processing plantfrench toastGalvingenocideghettogogglesgoldGordian knotGreek mythologygreen teaHail Mary passhathistoryhors d'oeuvershotelhummingbirdID chipimperial violetImpressionismindentured servitudejacketjasminejazzjudoJulyjumpsuitJunekeyboardKhitomer ConferencekitchenKlingon operaknifelaboratorylaundrylavenderlibraryliterary thesisliteratureMarchmartial artsmartiniMaymediamedicinemedkitmirrormoviemythologynature preserveNolet's ginnoncompete clausenotebookNovemberobjets d'artOccupation of BajorOctoberorchestrapaintingpantrypaperpeanutpermitpharmaceuticalPilatespopcorn shrimppowdered sugarpress credentialsprimary hullprisonraktajinoraspberryreaperRihannsuricescarfscythesehlatsilosentient traffickingshoeslide rulesnowshoesstar chartStarfleet CharterstarportstatuesunglassessushiswampteaTellarite malt liquorterrorismTezwa crisisthaanTholian silktrackpadTraité d'Unificationtravel bagtreasontreatisetuxedoUnification DayUraeivaseVitruvian ManvolcanoVulcan brush calligraphyVulcan nerve pinchVulcan nocturneswaterwatercolor paintingweaselwingsuitXindi crisisyoga



David Mack released the cover and further information about the novel on his website. Discussing the cover, Mack wrote:

I love the color of it, which speaks to the blood-soaked action in the story, and the overall look and feel, which were conceived to visually link it to my previous Section 31 novel, Disavowed. Though my input was considered by the editors and production department, this work of fierce beauty is the creation of Gallery Books art director Alan Dingman.[1]




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