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The Copernicus (NCC-1701-12) was a Federation shuttlecraft in service to Starfleet in the mid to late 23rd century, assigned to the USS Enterprise.

Service history[edit | edit source]

In the year 2264, the Copernicus was used by Captain Kirk to retrieve Amelinda Lukarian and Stephen from the alien worldship. (TOS novel: Enterprise: The First Adventure)

In 2266, the Copernicus was used to search for the missing Captain Kirk, who had disappeared on Tlaoli IV. (TOS - The Janus Gate novel: Future Imperfect)

In 2267, the Copernicus was attacked by the Klingon D'kar, son of Kor, and forced to land on a previously uncharted planet. (TOS short story: "The Leader")

In 2270, the Copernicus was used to transport a Slaver stasis box to Starbase 25. (TAS episode: "The Slaver Weapon") gives the Copernicus the registry of NCC-1701A/3, the shuttle number from Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, despite using the image from the episode showing the NCC-1701-12 registry.

Later that year, the Copernicus was destroyed when Spock attempted to use it to stop a fleet deployed by the Isitri Council to attack Isitra Colony First and Captain Kirk was forced to open fire on the Copernicus. (TOS novel: Troublesome Minds)

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