Copernicus system, destroyed by Swarm ships in 2268.

The Copernicus Star System was a star system in the Alpha or Beta Quadrants of the galaxy.

History Edit

In 2268, before Stardate 4575.9, the system was destroyed by an alien fleet of linked units when they artificially aged its primary star through chronometric radiation into entering the supernova phase of its life in order to harvest stellar matter to refuel and replicate themselves.

One of the systems' planets, Copernicus VII, was an inhabited planet affiliated with the Federation or perhaps a Federation colony. Its inhabitants sent out a distress signal prior to the star's destruction, bringing in the USS Enterprise to investigate. Sadly the starship arrived too late to render assistance to the inhabitants.

The inner planets had all been destroyed by the generated supernova and the orbits of the three surviving outer planets had been severely disrupted. (TOS comic: "Swarm")



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