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[[file:alphabetasym.jpg|thumb|Locator logo showing [[the galaxy]]'s [[alpha Quadrant|Alpha]] and [[Beta Quadrant]].]]
[[file:alphabetasym.jpg|thumb|Locator logo showing [[the galaxy]]'s [[alpha Quadrant|Alpha]] and [[Beta Quadrant]].]]
'''Corinthia VII''' was a [[planet]], the [[seventh planet]] of the [[Corinthia]] [[star]] [[system]], located somewhere in [[the galaxy]]'s [[alpha Quadrant|Alpha]] or [[Beta Quadrant]]s.
'''Corinthia VII''' was a [[planet]], the [[seventh planet]] in [[orbit]] of the [[Corinthia]] [[star]] [[system]], located somewhere in the [[space]] of [[the galaxy]]'s [[alpha Quadrant|Alpha]] or [[Beta Quadrant]]s.
==History and specifics==
==History and specifics==

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Locator logo showing the galaxy's Alpha and Beta Quadrant.

Corinthia VII was a planet, the seventh planet in orbit of the Corinthia star system, located somewhere in the space of the galaxy's Alpha or Beta Quadrants.

History and specificsEdit

Corinthia VII was a class M planet visited by the Federation starship USS Enterprise sometime after the year 2254. Though initially believed to be devoid of any advanced lifeforms, a landing party discovered huge subterranean creatures on the planet, one of which killed landing party member Ensign Williams. (TOS - Strange New Worlds I short story: "A Private Anecdote")

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