Cornelius Landru was a male human in the 22nd century who was, according to Betan legend, the head of Starfleet's Advanced Research Division in 2167.


According to stories told to the crew of the USS Enterprise in 2258, Landru invented a new prototype artificial intelligence technology in 2167. His device was designed to help colonies grow and thrive. Landru was then sent with the USS Archon to test it on the Beta III colony. Landru's device had a sinister purpose; to control the colony's population. On Beta III, he conducted experiments on the colonists, programming them to his whim to create a utopia where he would be seen as a god. Fortunately, the Archon's crew found out about the experiments and tried to stop him. However, Landru's technology pulled the Archon from the sky and caused it to crash. After the Archon's crash, Landru hid his technology from the colonists. He then watched over his experiment, reveling as it unfolded. Landru then died at some point before 2258. However he lived on through his machine.(TOS - The Return of the Archons comic: "Part 2")

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