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The Corvallens are a humanoid species native to the galaxy's Alpha or Beta Quadrants. Their faces looked like a piece of pottery that had been fractured and then glued back together. (ST - Typhon Pact novel: Plagues of Night)


A Corvallen freighter.

In 2369, a Corvallen freighter was hired by Spock's Reunification Movement to transport Proconsul M'ret and his aides from the IRW Khazara. Deanna Troi, aboard the Khazara and disguised as a Romulan, sensed that the Corvallen captain was lying about delivering the "cargo" safely and Subcommander N'Vek destroyed the freighter. (TNG episode: "Face of the Enemy")

Subcommander Plactus had heard of the destruction of the Corvallen freighter and inferred to Troi when he met her that he knew she was involved. (TNG novel: The Romulan Stratagem)

In 2375, Laas escaped Deep Space 9 in his assumed space-dwelling lifeform guise by shadowing a Corvallen freighter that was leaving the station. (DS9 episode: "Chimera")

Alternate timelines

First Splinter timeline

In 2383 of the First Splinter[1] timeline, a Corvallen served as a bartender on Dessica II. In that year, the Corvallen served Denison Morad some kali-fal, questioning his choice of drink and referred to Morad as spoonhead. When Morad threatened to take away his latinum, the bartender gave him the drink and left. (ST - Typhon Pact novel: Plagues of Night)

Kelvin timeline

In the Kelvin timeline, Corvallens operated interstellar starships in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, interacting with other polities and factions in the disputed Neutral Zone. (ST video game: Fleet Command)

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