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Corvan II in 2256.

Corvan II mining colony.

Map of the mining colony.

Corvan II was a planet, the second in the Corvan star system. This planet was the home to various other lifeforms, including the rare gilvo animal. (TNG episode: "New Ground")

In 2256, the mining colony at Corvan II (which produced a considerable portion of the Federation's reserves of dilithium in the 23rd century) came under Klingon attack. Defense forces quickly responded, but were destroyed by the Klingon armada. The colony was very nearly wiped out, but was eventually saved by the arrival of the USS Discovery. While meeting with Admiral Katrina Cornwell in mid-November of that year, Federation Starfleet Captain Gabriel Lorca cited this action as an example of the Discovery crew's success. (DSC episodes: "The Butcher's Knife Cares Not for the Lamb's Cry", "Choose Your Pain")


  • Nora Devlin
  • Coraline Fletcher
  • Ellery Smythe

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