The Council on Ecological Controls was an agency of the Bajoran Provisional Government in the 2370s which over saw the preservation of Bajor’s ecology.

In 2370 a group of private Bajoran investors arranged for a family of Hortas to be delivered to Bajor to assist in mining operations, however the Council on Ecological Controls refused to allow to Horta to come to Bajor on the grounds they would disrupt Bajor’s ecology.

In that year Vedek Sloi was the director of the council whilst a man named Pova served as deputy secretary. Benjamin Sisko communicated with both during his attempts to have the Horta transferred to Bajor from their temporary home on Deep Space 9. He was eventually able to convince Sloi to allow the Horta to stay on Baraddo, one of Bajor's moons, after they had discovered valuable mineral deposits there. (DS9 novel: Devil in the Sky)

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