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During the final ten seconds of its auto-destruct countdown above the Genesis Planet, the USS Enterprise reflects on the fact that it has possibly become a sentient being. It regrets that it will not know the future, but is content to sacrifice itself in battle rather than be decommissioned and disassembled.



Zefram CochraneRené DescartesJames T. KirkAlayna E. LottworthDavid MarcusH. R. MorrowSabikSpockT'RissUSS Enterprise computer
Referenced only
KrugeLily SloaneT'Xi

Starships and vehicles

USS ConstitutionUSS Enterprise


BeneciaEarth (Paris) • Ebuz IVGenesis PlanetLunaSolStarbase 11Starfleet HeadquartersStarfleet Reclamation Facility SevenVulcan (Mount SeleyaM'Zai KahrSolnur Hall of Artistic Expression)

Races and cultures

Referenced only
Ebuz IV fungaloid being

States and organizations

FederationNASAStarfleetStarfleet Academy PressStarfleet ArchivesStarfleet Schematics LibraryStarfleet Spaceflight Museum

Ranks and titles


Technology and weapons

antimatterauto-destructcomputerduotronichologramimpulse enginesensorshieldspacedockstarshipwarp drivewarp corewarp enginewarp fieldweapon

Other references

the AllApollo 11beebrainbridgechessch'felCity Weavers of BeneciacommunicationsdeathdecommissioningThe Federation Guide to True SentienceFirst Contact SituationsfoodgalaxyhistorykatraKeepers of Seleyalichenmemorymind-sculptureorbitpersonal logphilosophy • "Planet of Oceans" • soulspacestarstardateStarfleet Academy Training Manual DH3-78-56telepathyTerran Standardthrugtime travelvacuum





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