This character is a member of the Kirk family.

Craig Kirk was a male human and the youngest son of George Samuel Kirk, Jr.. Much of his family died in 2267 when their home planet Deneva was invaded by neural parasites. Fortunately Craig was visiting family in Iowa on Earth at the time and was spared his family's fate. Following his loss Craig decided not to enter Starfleet Academy but remain on Earth where he worked as an agricultural engineer.

He had a son, Sinjin and a daughter. Despite Craig's objections, fearful of the dangers of space, Sinjin went on to apply to the Academy and join Starfleet. (TNG video game: Away Team)

Craig's name conflicts with the TOS novel The Last Roundup, where George Samuel Kirk Jr.'s three boys were named Peter, Alexander, and Julius. Also The Last Roundup states Alexander and Julius were on Rigel VI rather than Earth during the neural parasite attack.
A likely candidate for Craig's daughter is Jamie Samantha Kirk.
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