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Introduction (blurb)

From the back cover

Book 1 of 2

Fabian Stevens thought he was doing an old friend a favor by helping her and some eager young Starfleet Academy cadets test a new prototype vessel. There's a practical joker among the cadets, but Stevens figures that will just keep everyone on their toes...

Then the practical jokes aboard the holodeck re-creation of the Hyperion take a turn for the deadly -- the fail-safes have been overridden, and Stevens, Tev, and a shipload of cadets, one of whom is probably responsible for their predicament, are trapped inside. Commander Gomez must help her crewmates solve the riddle, find the culprit, and free them all before more damage is done -- and people are killed!

Meanwhile, Captain David Gold faces one of the greatest challenges of his career: marrying off his granddaughter to a Klingon ambassador's son. Unfortunately, the ambassador has very particular ideas about the ceremony...

Book 2 of 2

The practical jokes aboard the holodeck re-creation of the prototype vessel Hyperion have taken a turn for the deadly -- the fail-safes have been overridden, and Stevens, Tev, and a shipload of cadets, one of whom is probably responsible for their predicament, are trapped inside. Commander Gomez must help her crewmates solve the riddle, find the culprit, and free them all before more damage is done -- and people are killed!


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Carol AbramowitzAudreyDomenica CorsiTomas delFuegoKendra DolbyElaineDantas FalcãoBart Faulwellge'NiletEva GilmanRachel GilmanDaniel GoldDavid GoldSonya GomezIan GymisVance HawkinsKhor, son of LantarRennan KonyaLantarLatha MeruElizabeth LenseMalcolmAnthony MarkBen MartinNikkiP8 BlueLaura PoynterCrawford PressmanSantarAnthony ShabalalaEsther SilverJessica SilverLeah SilverAlex SparksSolomanFabian StevensTanya SturtzeMor glasch TevTimrekT'nokZoe Wilson
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111AbrahamAtalantaThe ConvertEdward de BonoDevilKieran DuffyEveFelder'narGodHillelJohnKahless the UnforgettableMendelssohnMosesRennStrenyaRichard Wagner

Starships and vehicles

USS da Vinci (Saber-class) • Hyperionshuttlecraft
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courierDefiant-classfighterGalaxy-classhovercraftJem'Hadar warshiplifepodRover-classscoutSovereign-class


Earththe galaxyStarfleet Headquarters
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AndorBajorIsraelLokak systemLokraMaltaPhantas 61RisaRiver of BloodSherman's PlanetSouth PacificTalos IVVemlarWest Coast

Races and cultures

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States and organizations

Cambridge UniversityChâteau PicardChrist Church UniversityDominarsHarvard UniversityHouse of LantarKlingon EmpireRigel Polytechnic InstituteSt. Edward's CollegeStarfleet • • Starfleet AcademyStarfleet Corps of EngineersStarfleet Research and DevelopmentUnited Federation of PlanetsUniversity of LondonUniversity of MaltaUniversity of Oxford

Ranks and titles

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Technology and weapons

airlockartificial intelligenceaxbat'lethbombbulkheadcloakingcombadgecommand chaircomm panelcommunicatorcomputerdisruptoremergency beaconforce fieldgeneratorholodeckhologramhololabholosuiteimpulse drivekeyboardknifelamplift capsulemanual release levermedkitmirrormonitorpaddpainstikpenphaserphaser rifleradioreplicatorsecurity netsensorshieldsstarshipswordsynaptic scramblertorpedotranslatortransportertricorderturboliftviewscreenwarp corewarp drivewarship

Other references

235320th centuryAge of Ascensionalcoholanimalantanthropologyantimatterantlerapple-saucebacteriabearblack holebloodbookBook of Genesisbrainbridgebuffetbuglebutterflycafeteriacandlecaptain's logcenturychampagnechapelchromechuppahcinnamoncitycoffeecourt martialcrawfishdancedaydictionarydocudramadoughnutduckelectricityempathyengineeringexoskeletonferric acidferrous oxidefireflaskflowergaghgaghtlhutlhgalaxygefilte fishghost modeglassglobegravityGreek mythologyhairhandkerchiefHaray AhtheartHigh Holy Dayshistoryhorsehourice creamice sculptureinsectJudaismKal'HyahketubahkindergartenklaxonklezmerKlingoneseKlingon Houseskosherlatkeleatherlifeformlogicmarblesmarriagemartial artsmastakamedicinemess hallmetalmetermicrowavemilitaryminutemomzermousemusicnitrogenorbitorchestraoxygenpaperpar'Mach'kaipicnicpoetrypokerproprioceptionpsychologyQIp'ongquarantinerabbitreligionRhodes Scholarshiprocksafety harnesssafety protocolssailingSamuel 13:14schoolScripturesecondSheliak peace treatyship's logshooting starshuttlebaysickbaysofasongspacestarstar chartsteelsubspacesummersyntheholtargtelepathyTen CommandmentstequilaThe Plight of the HyperionTorahtorchtribbletuxedouniverseuniversityVar'hama candlevasewarp factorwaxweaponweddingwedding cakewinewoodWorld War IIwormYiddish


  • The logistics of how a Klingon/Jewish wedding might function were advised by Rabbi David Honigsberg.
  • On the book jacket of the omnibus Breakdowns, these books are incorrectly listed as Collective Hindsight.

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