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The Creators, in Fabrini culture, were those who were responsible for the building of the world-ship Yonada.

Over the centuries, the Creators were deified as gods by those on Yonada as the records on the origins of the world-ship were either lost or destroyed. In 2273, Commander Spock of the USS Enterprise located an original data archive that showed that the Creators were flesh and blood men and women. (TOS novel: Ex Machina)

Known CreatorsEdit

  • Minakeli Baima - An elderly woman at the time of Yonada's launch, she served as the Oracle of the Fabrini people. Baima was one of the leaders of the Yonada construction project, however she remained behind on Fabrina when Yonada left to provide guidance to those remaining on Fabrina. She would eventually become known as Baima the Wise to those who worshipped the Creators, and considered as the mother of the Fabrini race.
  • Tomaneru Vari - A middle aged man at the time of Yonada's launch. Vari also worked on the Yonada construction project, and left on Yonada, becoming one of the first leaders of the Fabrini community on the ship. It was Vari who created the Instruments of Obedience, though he intended for the devices only to be implanted in those who had previously broke the law. Over the centuries, Vari became Vari the Mighty, and was considered a father figure to those who worshipped the Creators.
  • Nidra - A female considered to be the creator of fires and lies. In Fabrini mythology, Nidra was very similar to the god Prometheus of ancient human mythology in that she brought the knowledge of fire to the Fabrini people, and was subsequently cast out by the other Creators. She was named after the star Ganidra, which Fabrina had orbited.
  • Dedi the Questioner - A male who often appeared near Baima in representations of the Creators. Dedi was known for questioning everything, and also for revealing the destructive nature of fire to the Fabrini people, as well as Nidra's lies concerning fire. (TOS novel: Ex Machina)
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