The Creeg were a civilization of energy-absorbing humanoid alien lifeforms who encountered the crew of the USS Enterprise-D in the year 2364, around stardate 42120. They have green skin, prominent teeth, and often wear special clothing that shields their abilities. (TNG comic: "Spirit in the Sky!")

Technology[edit | edit source]

The technology of the Creeg included a directed energy weapon adapted as a hand-held rifle weapon, the Creeg rifle. They piloted a Creeg starship that was equipped with a starship-mounted weapon, an energy drain apparatus which was typically used to both immobilize as well as feed their ship off of an adversary's own power. (TNG comic: "Spirit in the Sky!")

Origin[edit | edit source]

The Enterprise-D encountered the Creeg piloting ship in deep space, apparently pursuing the Enterprise. The Enterprise was transiting between the outer rim of Federation territory, towards a set of coordinates that research indicated was the planet Faltos. The Creeg gave no indications to their homeworld or sector of origin, but depending on the ship's range, their home would be some distance from that general vicinity. (TNG comic: "Spirit in the Sky!")

Physical[edit | edit source]

When Captain Jean-Luc Picard logged the contact with the Creeg on stardate 42125, he referred to them as a race of "energy siphons". (TNG comic: "Q Factor")

Both the technology of the Creeg, as well as their physiology, seem to operate on an energy siphon principle. A Creeg individual, once barrier clothing is removed, can aborb energy directly to their skin. A major pursuit of the Creeg is the hunt for non-corporeal lifeforms that possess desirable energy structures for a feed.

Typically humanoid, Creeg have prominent forward teeth and have a covering of fine green hair over the majority of their bodies, which are also green skinned. (TNG comic: "Spirit in the Sky!")

Creeg[edit | edit source]

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