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Kirk must stop a power-hungry alliance from destroying the Federation!


From the book jacket
The crew of the Nautilus, a battered starship of mysterious origin, is beamed aboard the starship Enterprise. The group claims they are freedom fighters from the future working to save the Federation from the Consilium—a group of corrupt power seekers.
But when the Nautilus crew members suddenly seize control of the USS Enterprise, and a starship from the future arrives to arrest the renegades, Kirk must separate his true allies from those who wish to destroy the Federation.



AdajiaAdamsAdamsEmiko AdamsDylan AriosTonia BarrowsBergdahlBistieBrayJohn BrunowskiButterfieldCane-TwelveChristine ChapelChavezPhil CooperCurtisEdward DaleCymris DarthanianDaweDazriNeil DeNouxDeSalleDykstraEffingerTracy GiacomoGildenIncivigliaIrianeJeffersonKarethaSharnas T'Gai KhirJames T. KirkKyleMahaseMarioMaynoothMbuLeonard McCoyMcDonoughGermaine McKennonDan MillerObaOrganaPaxsonRakshaKevin RileyRussellMontgomery ScottShimadaHayden SinghThaddeus SmithSpockHikaru SuluNyota UhuraRial VarosWatanabeWeinWheelerWinfieldWolfmanLao Zhiming
Referenced only
al-JasirAriadneBellocqBryantJames CookZia FangGannovichGordonSherlock HolmesIndipenIseEdith KeelerMaria KelloggRoger KorbyFeshan KznithRobert E. LeeLitasH.P. LovecraftHarry MuddNemoPattonLao QixhuRelukiRuthSchindlerKratisos ShahTelemarsosT'IanaTsmianXenophonYoruba

Starships and vehicles

USS AlexanderUSS Enterprise (Constitution-class) • USS Harriet TubmanNautilusSagittariusSavasciSavasci cargo shuttle (cargo shuttle) • unnamed Federation shuttlecraft (cargo shuttle)
Referenced only
AntelopeUSS ConstellationUSS Enterprise-DUSS FarragutUSS IntrepidUSS KreigerUSS Nautilus (submarine)unnamed Klingon starshipsUSS ValiantUSS Van der Vekken

Vehicle types

cruiserfreighterheavy cruiserinterceptorshuttlecraft


Planetary locations

ClevelandHindu KushNew OrleansOobastParisRuigSan FranciscoYemen City


Consilium InstituteFederation Science InstituteStarfleet AcademyVulcan Science Academy

Shipboard locations

arboretumauxiliary bridgebowling alleybridgebrigcargo holdcorridorengineeringgymnasiummessroomquartersrecreation roomscience officesickbaytransporter room

Planets and planetoids

Tau Lyra III (Yoondri)
Referenced only
AndorusAntares IVDelta VIIEarthExo IIIGamma Helicon IIGamma Hydra IIGiliarenKhergosMarsMemory AlphaRemusThalia III

Stars and systems

Tau Lyra
Referenced only
AchernarBeta LyraeBetelgeuseBrigadoon systemDelta systemDenebExoGamma HeliconKlingon systemRigelRomulan system

Stellar regions

Crossroad NebulaCygnus constellationQuadrant 6Sector 8

Outposts and stations

Memory AlphaStarbase 12Starbase 20

Races and cultures

EseriatHuman (Indian, etc.) • KlingonOrionRembegilRomulanVulcanYoon
Referenced only

States and organizations

Assist ServicesConsiliumFederationShadow FleetStarfleet (command divisionoperations divisionsciences division) • T'Gai Khir
Referenced only
First FederationStarfield

Technology and weapons

astrogatorbreathing maskbullet trainchronometercommand chaircommunicatorcomputerdegausserElthonian androidflashlightfood synthesizerfusion torpedohologameholovidhyposprayimpulse engineintercomlife supportlog padmatter-antimatter reactormind sifternanotechnologynuclear reactorsensorspace buoystarshipstilettostylussun lamptricordervelcroviewscreenwarp drivewaxerwelder

Ranks and titles

captainchief medical officercommandercommanding officercommunications officerdoctordominaengineerensignfirst officerhelmsmanlieutenantlieutenant commandermastermidshipmannavigatoroperations managerpresidentscience officerscientistsecuritytechniciantransporter chiefyeomanpresident

Substances and energies

ammoniaantimatterbloodcalciumcoppercrystalplexdilithiumgasironmu radiationnitrogenoxygenpewterporcelainradio waverhodonsaltsilvertitaniumwater

Drugs and biological compounds

adrenalaseadrenalineanticaneantishock compoundbrain-spicecillanocyclenedalpomineDNAendorphinhyperenalyofanemasiformmelanexmetebeliteneurophylozeneretinoxtri-ox compoundvitamin D7zimath

Foods and beverages

almondapplebeerbuttercaramelchocolatecoconutcoffeefruitmacadamiamarshmallowmilknougatorangepeanutpretzelTurkish coffeevegetable oil


animalbelothmerebirdboreglunchcatferretfungushumanoidinsectjellyfishKurlanian seedfishmothmousequasi oakSt. John's lichenslothoidUdarian blood maggotvescens ceollivescens zicreedensyagghorth

Other references

anthropologyarchaeological medicinearchaeologyAsteroid MonstersatmospherebaseballbasketballBattle of Achernarbowlingcaptain's logcardschesscivilizationcolonycometDack & Homiliediseasedocilization codedress uniformdrugelectrosynaptic patternenergyFeast of Bullsfive-year missionfoodgalaxygallbladderGallery of AmazementgameGargoyle Mangenetic engineeringgeologyGhi'har ScalegovernmentgravityhistoryholoshowHoney Whats-Her-Nameillo-spexKlingon languagelanguagelaserbrainlaser tennislifeformlog entrymagnetismmedicinemedullaMen's AdventuremeteormoneymoonnebulaNecroblaster 989nerveneurologyoperationsopticsOrion languagepachinkoPelleter's syndromephysicspinballplanetpokerprimary hullPrime Directivepsionicsquadrantradiationsecondary hullsingularitySmuggler's TreasurestarstardateStarfleet uniformstar systemsynapseTagalogTak's syndrometelepathyTerror of the Pecostime travelTurtledove Anomaly PointuniformvertebraeviolinVulcan languageVulcan nomenclaturexenomedicineYermakoff Psychic Index


17th century
19th century
20th century
The Enterprise five-year mission begins.
The crew travels near the Crossroad.
2546 (alternate timeline)



  • Regarding the novel, author Barbara Hambly said, "What fascinated me was that Kirk is an optimist and the Federation is in a situation of an expanding universe with expanding perceptions. Crossroad is about what happens when Kirk finds out that it's all going to turn into a nightmare. That these vile, awful people form the future are his heirs. That everything he has done and sacrificed himself for goes to these really horrid people. How does he deal with the shock of that?" (The Official Fan Club Magazine Issue 98: "Profile: Barbara Hambly")
  • Some spelling irregularities exist in this book, Roger Korby is referred to as "Roger Corby" and Captain Garrovick is referred to as "Gannovich".


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