Cube 19721 was a Borg cube ship in service to the Borg Collective in the early 25th century. As part of project "Iconia", Cube 19721 searched for artifacts of Species 29 in the Iota Pavonis sector block. (STO - In Shadows mission: "Sleepers")


In 2409, Cube 19721 found and analyzed artifacts of Species 29 and studied them under the project name "Iconia", searching for Omega. The ship recovered Iconian artifacts in the T'liss system. An accident occurred, which removed the command center of the cube and a sphere of the space surrounding it. 19721 was rendered inert.

The derelict cube was discovered by the Tal Shiar in the T'liss system, who routinely scavenged Borg ships for technology. The IRW Fraire and another Tal Shiar vessel entered the system and cleared it of Nausicaan scavengers. Three away teams were dispatched from the two Tal Shiar ships and began collecting technology. The teams were led by Commander Khaiel N'Vek, commanding officer of the Fraire. The Tal Shiar prodding reactivated the cube, and the Borg drones assimilated Team Two and Team Three, including Subcommander Fhrrus. N'Vek killed Fhrrus and evacuated with Team One. After the survivors were recovered, the Fraire and its sister ship engaged and destroyed Cube 19721. (STO - In Shadows mission: "Sleepers")



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