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A cudgel.

A cudgel (or club) is a simple weapon that is basically a simple piece of wood or other hard material. To many races and cultures, including Humans, the cudgel is one of the first mêlée weapons ever invented.


The Tellarite Tevrin Krit owned a cudgel that was sacred to his family and had been passed down through generations. The cudgel was stolen by Harry Mudd after sleeping with Krit's sister. Mudd still had it in his possession and was looking for a buyer while he was perpetrating a con using android duplicates of himself. (Short Treks episode: "The Escape Artist")

In the year 2266, the humanoid Tol and Kovar tribes on the planet Neesan were armed with cudgels. (TOS comic: "The Cosmic Cavemen")

In 2267, after contracting a virus on Gamma Hydra IV which caused rapid aging, James T. Kirk stated during a competency hearing that the inquiry was not a proper procedure, but rather a cudgel. (TOS novelization: The Deadly Years)

Kirk and Spock with a lirpa

In 2267, the back end of a lirpa was described as a metal cudgel. Kirk was clubbed by that end while fighting Spock on Vulcan. (TOS novelization: Amok Time) In 2269, Spock re-experienced that battle, including using the cudgel end of the lirpa, during a two-hour-long psychic projection experience created by Irapina on the planet Anomaly. (TOS novel: Planet of Judgment)

In 2291, during a mutiny on the K'tanco led by Klaa, Captain Kang was attacked by a mutineer and hit in the chest by a cudgel. Spock prevented a second blow which would have killed the captain. (TOS - Mere Anarchy eBook: The Blood-Dimmed Tide)

In 2328, following Tima’s death, Oralian Way cleric Bennek and his people were attacked by Bajorans armed with cudgels and stun weapons, led by Vedek Arin, who thought that Bennek’s people had burned their places of worship. (TLE - Terok Nor novel: Day of the Vipers)

In 2369, Ma'adrys’s shrine on Ne'elat was protected by M'kin and four other guards armed with cudgels. (TNG novel: To Storm Heaven)

In 2376, Redeemers were armed with cudgels. (NF novel: The Quiet Place)

In 2376, during a ritual combat on Vulcan between Burgoyne 172 and Selar for parental rights of their child Xy, they fought with lirpas, often using the cudgel end. (NF novel: Renaissance)