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Curtis Ballard was a Human male engineer who served as an officer of the Federation Starfleet in the 23rd century.


Ballard joined Starfleet in 2258, and during his first seven years of service, participated in the shakedown cruises of three starships, and worked on the construction of Deep Space Station K-5.

In 2265, Lieutenant Ballard was assigned as chief engineer of Vanguard during its construction and early operational period. When the station begun to experience continuous system failures, the Starfleet Corps of Engineers vessel USS Lovell was called in to assist, and Ballard worked closely with Lieutenant Mahmud al-Khaled and his team. During the repairs, Lieutenant Isaiah Farber discovered a device in the station's power system, used to transmit secret messages off of Vanguard. While inspecting the it, a self-destruct was triggered by Jaeq, an employee of Orion merchant prince Ganz, that vaporized the device and Ballard along with it. He was succeeded in his post by Lieutenant Farber. (SCE eBook: Distant Early Warning)



Preceded by:
Chief engineer of Vanguard Station (Starbase 47)
Succeeded by:
Isaiah Farber
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