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Cwansi, born 2379 on New Thallon, was the son of Thallonian prince Si Cwan and human Starfleet officer Robin Lefler.

Early Life[]

Shortly after his birth, Cwansi was kidnapped by Doctor Selar, who, in her desire to find a cure for her son's rapid aging, had allowed herself to be manipulated by the D'myurj, who were later revealed to be cloning half-breeds. He was later rescued by Soleta and a repentant Selar. (NF novel: Treason)

Because of his status as Si Cwan's son there were several attempts to either kidnap or assassinate him that forced his mother to run away from New Thallon but they were able to return home some time later under the protection of Mark McHenry. (NF novel: The Returned, Part 1)


Cwansi's life was once again in danger after Shintar Han asked his god, the Awesome, to dispose of him. The Awesome turned out to be no other than Q, who had developed an interest for McHenry, for this reason Q challenged McHenry to a gladiatorial battle: if McHenry won, Q would leave them alone but if he lost then Q would simply kill Cwansi and his mother. (NF novel: The Returned, Part 3)

Although McHenry won the first challenge he found himself losing a swordfight against Q, but before the latter had a chance to kill him a repentive Xyon of Calhoun intervened and beamed Cwansi, Robin and McHenry on his ship, shortly after an annoyed Q appeared on the ship and stated the the real issue of their situation wasn't McHenry but the presence of Cwansi on New Thallon and kidnapped him. (NF novel: The Returned, Part 3)

Q, who desired a representative of the Q Continuum in the galaxy but didn't want to become it himself, decided that Cwansi was the best choice and preceeded to raise him in the ways of the Q while travelling the Multiverse. Cwansi, now a cosmic being himself, returned to the USS Excalibur just in time to save both it and the USS Trident from the assault of the Dayan, a nihilistic race from the D'myurj's universe. (NF novel: The Returned, Part 3)

After exterminating the Dayans by teleporting their ship away from them and letting them suffocate in space he became the leader of the New Thallonian Protectorate. (NF novel: The Returned, Part 3)