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Cyclops are a gigantic, unnamed humanoid species from Nova XIII which resemble the cyclops from Earth mythology.

Background[edit | edit source]

Nova XIII's cyclops are bipedal, hairy, bearded, and 100 feet tall.

A group of cyclops live in harmony with the Nova XIII natives, who communicate with cyclops using music with a long flute-like instrument. Cyclops have an acute sense of smell and hunt by scent.

History[edit | edit source]

In 2265, a cyclops discovered a probe from Earth's Trans-Galactic Zoological Federation, and crushed it with one hand.

A cyclops found James T. Kirk and Montgomery Scott just outside of the Galileo shortly after it landed on Nova XIII. Before one of his huge hands could crush them, music from a native's flute stopped him. The cyclops cleared away dense jungle foliage so the natives could bring Kirk and Scott to a village in the jungle.

When the Starfleet officers later escaped, flute sounds alerted four cyclops to track them down. One cyclops nearly detected the officers, but their scents were masked by the aroma of nearby succulents, and he passed them by. They covered themselves with plant juices and were able to sneak back to the shuttlecraft. The shuttle took off quickly, narrowly evading the outstretched hand of a cyclops. (TOS comic: "Nova-Thirteen")

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